Tuesday, December 16, 2008

October Calendar page

I've finished one October page completely and have all the pieces ready to stick together for the other 5. My goal is to finish all the October and November pages before bed tonight... Chick flicks on the tv and not cooking tonight! My fingers are going to be glued to my desk by the end of the evening, I'm sure!

Here's last year's -- the easiest one!

This year I went a bit more detailed. I was inspired by a layout done by Faith at http://www.candysweetpapertreats.com/ . Mine isn't nearly as extravagent, and I couldn't sell my work on ebay like she does, but it gave me a great idea. Thanks, Faith!

Thanks for looking!

Heather Q

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Mardi said...

Your pages are gorgeous! Haven't even start my 2009 calendar.