Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I resisted

Yesterday, there was a major event displayed on my television. It was 14 hours worth of televised shopping on two networks. I stayed up late. I got up early. I recorded each hour. I even watched some of them more than once. I hung out in a chatroom all day, discussing the products shown. I received 5 phone calls, and too many emails, regarding the products. And I didn't buy a thing.

Nope. Nothing. Nada. Not a single item.

A couple things caught my attention. Did you know that you can get a 13x19 inch printer at a decent price? That was news to me. We definitely don't need a printer, but when we finally do need one (or I win the lottery) I will be checking out that big size. The deal of the day was pretty interesting. It was a hybrid kit, including digital and paper scrapbooking pieces. I don't digiscrap yet. I looked long and hard at that one, but finally decided against it. One of my favorite designers had 3 brand new kits on. They were great products, but I already owned about 1/2 of each kit. Some of the kits had paper that was very cute. Some had well-coordinated embellishments.

A few months ago, I sold several items that were previous kit components at a yard sale. For pennies. I don't need any more stuff that I don't use. Since then, I've been trying to be prudent in my choices and spending habits. It was pretty interesting that I was sent this link yesterday: I looked at my piles of stuff I already own. Kit after kit I've purchased and used only some (if any) of the contents. So as I watched, I forced myself to think about the kit. Would I use all of it? Do I own any of it already? Can I think of photos I ACTUALLY have that would work with that kit? How would I store it? How long would I store it? Would I feel like I'd been creative after using that kit? I must say, my answers to these questions left much to be desired. Ordering any of those items would not have been prudent.

So, I'm on a mission today. I want to pre-plan some pages that I'll be taking to a retreat next month. I want to use up some things that came with previous kits I've purchased. Let's get this stuff off my shelves. Wish me luck!

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