Friday, October 3, 2008

The Power of One

Yesterday, I had the incredible opportunity to witness history in the making. I got to witness the man I hope will soon be president speak to a crowd in my new city. It was a very inspiring speech. And it reminded me to get out there and start doing things for my community, my country, my world.

So today, I'm going to ask everyone reading -- are you registered to vote? If not, HURRY -- time is almost up in most states! You can't make a difference if you don't participate. And this is a year to participate. This is the year that it WILL matter whether or not you went to the polls and marked, punched, checked, poked, or otherwise indicated your choice. Because this year, it's not just about who wins the election. It's about what the people of this country do from the bottom up. It's time to get the American voting public active and energized. We've got to change this attitude that someone else will do it. I know you're only one vote. But they all add up, darling! And even if my vote can't singlehandedly change the outcome, they'll know where I stand.

And yes, this year, I think I'm going to scrapbook the experience. I'll make sure I get that little sticker that says "I voted," and I'm going to journal my reasons for my choice. Hmmm... off to look for page ideas on that one...

In the meantime, enjoy a few musical selections, designed to get you up and moving!

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