Thursday, October 23, 2008

My retreat

It was a great retreat! One of the hardest things about moving is not knowing anyone when you get to the new place. Because we always move for my husband's job, he gets to meet all the people, and I get stuck at home by myself until I get a job or find new people to scrapbook with. I made up for all my missed social time by absorbing it all at the retreat.

A friend of mine who lives on the other side of the state invited me to this retreat. She's been telling them about me for months, so they felt like they knew me a bit already. They were so welcoming, and after just a few hours I was really a part of the group (with teasing and everything).

I was very impressed with the work and style these ladies have when they scrap. It was inspiring to watch them finish page after page of beautiful perfection!

Since I spent much time being a social butterfly (and a nosy scraplifter!), I didn't get as much done as I would've liked. I also brought WAY too much stuff and spent too much time searching for materials and setting up for the projects. I did manage to get 18 calendar pages done (6 of each, Jan, Feb, and March -- see below), several components of my Christmas cards, 2 pages, and 3 cards. I also borrowed my friend's cricut expression machine and cartridges to cut out several pieces for other calendar pages. Hopefully, all that work will make everything else flow smoothly and quickly. So, while I didn't come home with as many different completed projects as I would like, I did come home with a lot ready to go and some stored up social time to last me for a little while.

So, now -- here are some great pictures of the campground where the retreat was located:

Sunrise -- yes, I got up that early the first morning!

Moon over my cabin

Autumn on the lake

Chirpy the chipmonk -- such a camera flirt!

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Mardi said...

Wow this looks like a beautiful place. When and where is there next crop?