Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Look at this mess!

So, I've been doing a lot of quick challenges, as well as preplanning for a retreat I'm attending next week. All this has left a giant mess in my craft "command central." It's so bad, that I'm stuck in my tracks trying to get ready for the retreat. Just looking that direction overwhelms me. So, it's time to clean up. Everything back in it's place. Then I'll be able to find it so I can use it -- isn't that the point of all that organizational equipment I bought?

I thought maybe if I posted on my blog the "before" pictures, that I'd be more motivated to get it done so I can post the "after" pics.

So, here ya go:

My desk before:

My supply area before:

Wish me luck!


Mardi said...

I can so relate! Have fun at your retreat!

angela said...

looks like you had fun:)