Tuesday, November 11, 2008

June is Busting Out All Over!

Ok, I know it's November, but I finished my first of 6 June calendar pages tonight. This weekend, I'll be in a hotel room while my husband is at a conference, so I'm going to craft all weekend. Hopefully I'll get a bunch done. So, I'm going to put all the pieces of this page in my suitcase and finish the other five this weekend.

Let me show you last year's page first. Very simple. I picked paper from a coordinating pack -- the little circles on the squares are actually from patterned paper, not any stickers or stamps or anything, but that could be easily done for those of you who are recreating these. Photos can be placed over the poem, on the big rectangle, or within the little squares.

Here's this year's calendar page. The blue paper is actually hand painted with acrylic paints. It's supposed to look like water, but looks kind of like sky, too. The picture has a dark tint to it because the flip flps are on shiny paper and the flash reflected off of them, so this is with no flash -- just the basement lighting. To make that sun, cut out a circle. Cut it into fourths. Cut one of the fourths into 4 equal pieces to make the rays. Then stagger them behind one of the fourths to make the sun. To make the flip flops, cut out the shape of an 8 (I used the cricut machine and did the "blackout" feature). Then cut two slits near the middle. Thread the ribbon through the slits and wrap around the back. Photos can be placed on the water or next to the flip flops.

Happy Scrapping!

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