Sunday, November 9, 2008

May calendar page finally complete!

So, it's been busy around here. After recuperating from the retreat, my parents came for a visit. Then I had a few days feeling under the weather.

Finally, I've finished the May page. Where's April you ask? I'm saving that one for last. I have an easy page idea and a difficult page idea in mind. I'll decide at the end if I have enough time for the difficult page.

Here's last year's page. I recommended photos placed on the little pots or right over the quote, if they had enough photos to fill that whole space.

Here's this year's page. Photos can be placed around the flowers -- the petals have been left loose on the outside edges so that photos can be tucked under them.

Did you notice at the bottom of my posts now you can rate the pages? Did you like it? love it? gonna try it yourself? Let me know! :)

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