Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tuesday Tip -- Game (a little late)

I know it's Wednesday, but I had a migraine yesterday and just couldn't get this tip up before the end of the day. But it's still a good tip!!

I was chatting with a friend on the phone one day and we were complaining about how we have all this scrapping stuff that doesn't get used. Either tools we HAD to have, or embellishments that we bought by the hundreds in every color they manufactured. We decided we needed a challenge to get us to use these things in our scrapbooking. Plus, I needed a challenge to get me to complete more projects (I have a tendancy to scrap VERY SLOWLY).

We came up with...


You'll need a friend to play with you!

Step one: Make your gameboard.
Make an 10x10 grid for a total of 100 spaces.
Label the columns with letters and the rows with numbers.
Fill in each space with a project, embellishment, tool, or technique.
Make 2 copies!!

Step two: Exchange and place the boats
Give your friend one of the copies and get a copy of theirs.
Place the "boats" (I outline the spaces to show where the boats are).
5 boats: 5 spaces, 4 spaces, 3 spaces, 3 spaces, 2 spaces
Keep it secret! Don't let your friend see!

Step three:
Now start scrapping and using those tools, embellishments, and techniques.
Tell your friend when you've completed one (I did C4 -- Coluzzle).
Your friend needs to check to see whether you "hit" a ship or "missed"

We exchange prizes for each ship that gets sunk. Often, we share some of those embellishments that the other person doesn't have (a baggie of flowers from that big jar, a yard of ribbon from that spool, buttons in a color we've run out of, etc.) and we keep an eye out for really good deals (dollar bins at Target or Michael's, clearance at the scrapbook store, kits in the scrapbooking section, items at Big Lots, etc). Every couple of months, we send a package of little prizes to each other, since we live very far apart. It's been a great way for the two of us to feel like we're scrapping together, even after I moved so far away from her.

Our game is always evolving. Change it so it fits you best.

A couple rules we came up with
* We can only mark off 3 spaces for each project.
* We cannot mark spaces that touch each other for the same project.
* Boards are subject to "approval" -- no rewards for using adhesive! :)

The way we've set it up, it takes a long time to play. You could probably come up with a faster way to play at a crop or retreat.

Happy Scrapping!

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