Monday, January 5, 2009

Tune in tomorrow....

Tune in tomorrow for my new feature: Tuesday Tip! I've got a really good one for you!

I know it's been FOREVER since I posted... well, a couple weeks feels like forever. We were much busier this holiday season than I had expected to be. We ended up going to 2 parties, staying overnight in another state for a family gathering, and stopping by a good friend's home for several hours, all for "holiday week."

Plus, I've been trying to reorganize my scrapping space, but it's been slow going. I'm not very motivated to do this. I was supposed to get a "hand me down" table when my parents came to visit and I had totally mapped out how I was going to redesign the space. Unfortunately, it wouldn't fit on the trailer with all the other furniture they brought us. It's been hard to rethink the space without the table. I won't be getting the table until at least next summer, so I've got to do something with what I have.

I can't work on my craft projects until I get my space done, so I have to keep going. You'll still get a great tip tomorrow. Here's a hint -- I designed a way to organize one type of craft supply and it was very inexpensive!!

My blog resolutions for this year:
1. Tuesday Tips. I want to put up a "prudent" tip every Tuesday.
2. Weekly Crafternoon. I want to post a craft project at least once each week.

Come back tomorrow for your Tuesday Tip!!

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lisa said...

I love the music you selected for your blog - fun!!