Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Tuesday Tip -- Start Here Jar

Thanks to everyone who sent wishes for good health. I got diagnosed last week with bronchitis. It hasn't been fun -- still coughing and exhausted. Now, though, I've got medication, so it's slowly getting better.

Tuesday Tip -- Start Here Jar

Have you ever sat down at your space and thought "Where do I start?" or "What should I work on today?" Have you ever felt overwhelmed? Have you ever avoided your space because you're not sure what you could or should work on?

I've recently read Stacy Julian's book Photo Freedom and am starting her Library of Memories (LOM) system of organizing photos. In her book, Stacy talks about using a "Start Here Jar" full of popsicle sticks with one activity for her system written on each stick.

Well, I didn't like the look of popsicle sticks. I thought that if I created a jar with the sticks, I wouldn't be inspired to use it. It would just clutter my desk instead.

So, I decided to throw my own twist into it. Take a look!

I bought flowers on sale at a craft store and cut them apart. Then I tied little tags from the Heidi Grace Love Blossoms line onto each flower. The tags all have activities on them, but I added extras that weren't on Stacy's list for some of the other activities I could work on in my space.

I searched all the stores for an inexpensive vase or jar to put them in and finally decided to use the pewter pitcher I have from my grandmother. It's one of those things that holds a lot of memories for me. I remember every time we went to Grandma's, she poured milk from that pitcher. She never put the carton on the table. The pitcher was on the table for every Christmas dinner, Easter breakfast, and Saturday lunch. I always thought it was such an elegant thing to do. When she passed away and Mom asked if there was anything I'd want to remember her by, I thought of the pitcher right away. So, it's been sitting in a cupboard, waiting for the "perfect" way to display it. I think I've found it now! See, Grandma was a scrapbooker back before scrapbooking was such a mainstream hobby. She saved greeting cards, letters, newspaper clippings, and all kinds of things. Her albums are now in a museum. I love having this pitcher decorating my scrapbook space, in such a functional way.

When I've done the activities on the tags, I move the flower into the second vase, "Accomplished." My One Little Word this year is "Accomplish" because 2009 is the year I want to get things done! Often I have great ideas, but don't follow through and finish. That's my goal this year and the word I've chosen to keep me on task.

All in all, I spent $4 on flowers and used everything else from my existing supplies. Not bad for a decorative item that's going to motivate me!!!

Happy Scrapping!


BonnieRose said...

omg.. so wonderful.. this is brilliant.. I just might have to re do my popsicle sticks and do something like this.. love the tags on the flowers.. brilliant! i hope u posted this on the lom boards.. are u in the class this year?? big hugs, bonnierose

Amy @ HappyGoMommy! said...

Love this! It is adorable!! Thanks for sharing. Too cute. :) What kinds of things do you have written on the tags?

BonnieRose said...

yes., plse share what's on the tags... pretty please?? don't forget to post to LOM FANS group on yahoo too.. k?? I don't wanna miss it! hugs bonnierose

Tona said...

Great idea & beautiful to look at too.You did a wonderful job!

jo-ann said...

what an awesome idea! and it looks very classy as well!

Sondra said...

love your twist on it

Donna said...

I love this idea, and it brightens up the room. Your GrandMothers pitcure is a wonderful touch.That was a very nice story, thanks for sharing.

Tami B. said...

This is such an inspiring project and a beautiful story. I think you need to add one more task to your start here jar....scrap the story of the pitcher. Beautiful.

cindy H said...

I love the story and the decorations for the Start Here jar. I would love to see your tasks listed since you said you changed or added to Stacy's list. Thanks for sharing.

Holly said...

This is awesome! Great job making this your own.

Danielle said...

Ok, I am in awe now!! You are so creative!!! I am bookmarking this blog. Greatness!!
Many Blessings~~~ Danielle